Spanish Village Art Studio

 Spanish Village Art Street Shops


Spanish Village Art Studio is a place where local artists come together to present their art piece to the public. From time to time they are have a festival like event, presenting a specific genre of art piece. The photo’s within this page represent a Glass Art Event, not only showcasing the various stained glass vases and ornament but also the work process. The unique shapes and colored glass attracts countless crowds within the village, as artists and locals alike enjoy conversing with each other about how they should decorate their own house with these one of a kind glass creation.

 Mineral and Gem Society Inc.


The Mineral and Gem Society Incorporation is a shop within the Spanish Village Studio that focuses on showcasing rare found minerals and crystals. Some of them are absolutely huge with unique characteristics to them. Stone and crystals of all kinds can be found here and some of them are even up for sale. Gaze in awe as the case light illuminate the jagged edges of each individual gem for your amusement.

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