Japanese Friendship Garden

Japanese Main Garden Area


Peace, tranquility, and serenity. These are the key characteristic of the Japanese Friendship Garden. The garden called the San-Kei-En (meaning Three Scene Garden: Water Pastoral and Mountain.) presents the beautiful characteristic and tradition of a Japanese Garden. It also represent the cultural ties with Yokohama, the sister city of San Diego.The arrangement of plants, tress, and rocks makes the garden look like breathing piece of art than a simple garden. Each placement of pond to stone ornaments seem to add on to the peaceful nature of the garden. The sound of wind in the distance and the subtle noise of water falling into the pond makes this place one of the most peaceful place in San Diego.

Japanese Friendship Garden Art Show


One of the buildings within the Garden is used to exhibit variety of unique and cultural art piece. The Bonsai ornament made from pure Bronze and Copper material and the beautifully arranged flowers represent a unique take on the gardening feature of Japan. Here lies the infinite ways in which the people of San Diego can relate to the culture and Tradition of Japan.

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