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Botanical Garden

Unique and Rare Vegetation


There are countless plant species spread across the globe. Trying to visit different region to see plant life indigenous to that location takes time and effort. However, the Botanical Building located within Balboa Park allows you to see unique plant life you have never seen before. As the high canopy tree towers within the botanical building and the lush colorful flowers fill the very path you take, it is truly a site to see. Each plant within the Botanical is a plant that cannot be regularly seen even within the United States. Plants from Japan, China, Mexico, and various other nation fill every corner of the building, each with its unique own characteristic. With free admission, Botanical is a great place to take photos or just simply to gaze at the amazing plants that have made its way across the globe.

Gas Lamp Quarters Introduction Image

Gas Lamp Quarters

Street Photographs


The Gas Lamp Quarters of San Diego is a great place to go out with friends or to meet new people. The laughter from the open restaurant across the street and the street performers presenting their unique skills and tricks makes it a fun place to visit any day of the week. The countless restaurants placed throughout the city makes sure you will not be leaving the city on an empty stomach. The aroma of freshly made food and the cheerful atmosphere makes it difficult for you to stay put within one location. With family, friends, or relatives, this place is a must go if you are to interact with the friendly community of San Diego.

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Japanese Friendship Garden

Japanese Main Garden Area


Peace, tranquility, and serenity. These are the key characteristic of the Japanese Friendship Garden. The garden called the San-Kei-En (meaning Three Scene Garden: Water Pastoral and Mountain.) presents the beautiful characteristic and tradition of a Japanese Garden. It also represent the cultural ties with Yokohama, the sister city of San Diego.The arrangement of plants, tress, and rocks makes the garden look like breathing piece of art than a simple garden. Each placement of pond to stone ornaments seem to add on to the peaceful nature of the garden. The sound of wind in the distance and the subtle noise of water falling into the pond makes this place one of the most peaceful place in San Diego.

Japanese Friendship Garden Art Show


One of the buildings within the Garden is used to exhibit variety of unique and cultural art piece. The Bonsai ornament made from pure Bronze and Copper material and the beautifully arranged flowers represent a unique take on the gardening feature of Japan. Here lies the infinite ways in which the people of San Diego can relate to the culture and Tradition of Japan.

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Pixar Art Show

Inside the Art Show


The Pixar Art show has gathered attention of various local artists to paint, draw, and photograph various characters that is present within the Pixar universe. These art will be sold to raise funds for specific charities and it was a joy to been able to visit this very creative event. Each artwork was unique and had characteristic of its own. It was interesting to see Buzzlight Year painted in numerous different fashion. The participants was friendly and chatted about the fundraising activities and the art works present within the gallery. The free food and drinks also added a party like feel to the art show and it truly showed the artistic side of the San Diego Community.

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Spanish Village Art Studio

 Spanish Village Art Street Shops


Spanish Village Art Studio is a place where local artists come together to present their art piece to the public. From time to time they are have a festival like event, presenting a specific genre of art piece. The photo’s within this page represent a Glass Art Event, not only showcasing the various stained glass vases and ornament but also the work process. The unique shapes and colored glass attracts countless crowds within the village, as artists and locals alike enjoy conversing with each other about how they should decorate their own house with these one of a kind glass creation.

 Mineral and Gem Society Inc.


The Mineral and Gem Society Incorporation is a shop within the Spanish Village Studio that focuses on showcasing rare found minerals and crystals. Some of them are absolutely huge with unique characteristics to them. Stone and crystals of all kinds can be found here and some of them are even up for sale. Gaze in awe as the case light illuminate the jagged edges of each individual gem for your amusement.

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The San Diego Museum of Art

The San Diego Museum of Art show cases various art work from different period and culture. The Asian Art section show case religious idols and day to day used items from past time and it truly allows us to experience the cultural difference between now and then. Spanish, Italian, and Netherlandish / Italian Renaissance / European Art galleries showcase religious painting, ceramic busts, and bronze statues that is known to shape the art of today. The different painting style and subjects makes visiting these exhibition a unique experience and is a must go if you are an artist.

 Asian Art

Spanish, Italian, and Netherlandish Art


Italian Renaissance Art


European Art